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What is a Tip-Down?
Tip-Down in upright position Many people are just starting to get turned on to tip-down fishing and the advantages of using a light set-up for perch, crappie, and walleye fishing.

Tip-downs operate by weight balancing. A brace with a notch in it is used to hold the rod in place and tipped in a 45 degree angle upward. When a fish grabs the bait, the rod simply tips down straight toward the hole. With our Innovative Tip-Downs, the fish can also take out line.

When the rod is down, the fish has the bait. You know it is in their mouth and it is time to grab the rod and set the hook. Once hooked, the fish is retrieved in a hand over hand fashion. Such a technique offers zero resistance to the fish and lets you know precisely when the fish has the bait.

Unlike conventional tip-ups, tip-downs produce more fish simply because there is no resistance when a fish grabs the bait. They simply tip down as opposed to tripping a flag first. Such force required in firing a mechanism that trips the flag will often cause a fish to drop the bait.

In addition, tip-downs also offer many other advantages to catching finicky fish: Tip-Down in down position
  • They use light line. Most tip-ups are backed with heavy dacron line. Tip-downs are used with all monofilament. No drag from heavy line.
  • A tip-down only stays tipped down if the fish has the bait. If the fish lets go then the tip-down tips back up in to it's upright position. This is highly beneficial when fish are finicky. Often, they will grab it and drop it a couple of times before finally taking it down for good. You can stand right there and know what is going on down the hole just by watching your tip-down.
  • Wider variety of fishing options. Tip-ups just do not produce fish such as crappies, perch, and walleyes like a tip-down will. These types of fish just do not like resistance. Fish just seem to be able to sense the heaviness of a tip-up. Tip-downs offer zero resistance and are light from top to bottom.
  • Dryer hands. Monofilament line is not soaking wet like heavier dacron line, which is sure to get gloves wet as you reset your tip-up. Tip-Downs also have a reel on them - less time touching the line.
More and more people use tip-downs every year and the reason why is simple - they produce more fish and open a larger window of fishing options for fish species that are normally almost impossible to catch on tip-ups.

Innovative Ice Fishermen Use Innovative Tip-Downs

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